Shıp chandler / supply mersin

Welcome to the country of Turkey, perhaps one of the most beautiful and perhaps the happiest countries in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey, which has a very old history, has remained the largest country in the region for many years and has made many countries live for centuries depending on itself.

Mersin and Iskenderun ports, which have always been very busy with trade in the Eastern Mediterranean, have made direct trade with almost every country that has a coast on the Mediterranean.

Today, Mersin and Iskenderun ports, which are one of the main distribution centers of container trade in Mediterranean countries, host hundreds of ships every year.

Mersin and İskenderun ports also provide the opportunity to partially repair very large tonnage ships, and offer partial repair works and services at many piers in İskenderun and Mersin. As Ship Chandler Mersin, we claim that we do this best in Mersin port. Ship Chandler Mersin is more assertive than all of our colleagues, not only with our prices but also with the quality of the service we provide.

As we mentioned above, Ship Chandler Mersin carries out partial repair and maintenance of many ships at the piers in Mersin, and Ship Chandler Mersin provides uninterrupted service every day of the week with our professional team in order to meet these needs. After your needs are communicated to us, we provide you with a fast response with meticulous work.

Ship Chandler Mersin provides uninterrupted service to the needs of the ships in the port, Ship Chandler Mersin provides all kinds of materials and supplies that your ships need, Ship Chandler Mersin has adopted the best service strategy with our expert team and friendly service understanding.

Our expert team always works hard to give you the highest quality service at the best prices. Our region has experienced a major earthquake in the past months, so even if there have been problems with some supplies for a short time, there are currently no problems with ship supply. You can reach us at any time of the day and share your needs with us.