Ship Chandler Iskenderun proudly offers our customers one of the largest quantities of materials on the market. Ship Chandler Iskenderun has a variety of fresh, frozen, refrigerated and dry goods worldwide. In addition to the main stock, Ship Chandler Iskenderun also provides special ethnic supplies and food for the needs of the ship’s multinational crew.

Many products in different tastes are in stock in various countries of the world and are offered to your liking according to your request.

Due to the changing market conditions, some commercial companies are supplying with some intermediary companies in order to reduce their costs, these companies work with at least 15% commission from the orders, and this figure can go up to 35%. For this reason, companies suffer serious losses, so Ship Chandler Iskenderun recommends all our customers to have all the products you need from suppliers who do this job, you can make at least 15% profit with this method.

In addition to all kinds of food products in my service range, fresh vegetables and fruits, canned products, sauces, various spices, cleaning materials, kitchen tools and utensils, personal cleaning products and apart from these, it is sufficient to contact us. To reach any product you need.

The port of Iskenderun generally serves the ships that come for maintenance and repair. Apart from this, of course, ships coming for discharge and rarely for loading visit the port of Iskenderun. In order to provide the best service to all kinds of ships coming to Iskenderun port, our entire team is waiting to serve you around the clock.

Supply of supplies on ships is important and therefore it is very important that you work with a reliable company. Ship Chandler Iskenderun claims to be the best company to do the job.

You can contact us at any time of the day at