About Us

Ship Chandler Iskenderun provides uninterrupted service in Turkey’s Iskenderun and Mersin ports with its wide range of products.

Ship Chandler Iskenderun have been serving the ports of Iskenderun and Mersin in Turkey and have been registered in Lloyd’s Maritime Directory for many years.

Ship Chandler Iskenderun takes care of our customers, ensuring that every good and every service offered to every customer will be of the best price/quality.

Thanks to our offices and warehouses in the center of Turkey’s Iskenderun and Mersin ports, our deliveries are fast enough and directly to the ships.

Based on our unparalleled experience and capabilities in ship procurement, and our wide range of products and services, Ship Chandler Iskenderun undertakes the rating for our customers and serves as your supplier.

– Ship Chandler İskenderun supplies all kinds of ships (cargo, container, tanker, animal and all other) to the high seas with our participation.

Ship Chandler Iskenderun brings together maritime skills and services in an unforgettable company, providing a talented team that is conscious of the world of technical management and procurement operations.

Gemi Chandler Iskenderun creates good value for a client specializing in multiple large crew members.

Matters to be Considered in Ship Supply

The most important rule in ship supply is the reliability of the purchased products. In food products, it is very important that the products are fresh and properly preserved. For this reason, it is necessary to do a good research before making a purchase.

It is also very important to supply the products on time. Because the ship’s docking, stay and departure times are certain. For this reason, the products must be delivered at the exact time requested. It is as important as quality in non-food products.

As Ship Chandler Iskenderun, we know very well that; In ships that do not see land for long days or even weeks, the slightest fault can cause great damage if not intervened in a timely manner. For this reason, ship suppliers must stand behind the products they supply so that they can continue to serve for a long time.

Ship Chandler Iskenderun requires both racing against time and providing the most suitable product at the most affordable cost. For this reason, it is beneficial to work with known companies for your ship supply needs.

As Ship Chandler Iskenderun, we provide you with the highest level of service to avoid the above-mentioned problematic factors.